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How do Smell Proof Bags Work?

Posted on January 06 2019

How do Smell Proof Bags Work?

How do Formline Smell Proof Bags and Cases Work?

Unlike generic brands, Formline uses only the highest quality activated carbon lining which contains millions (YES MILLIONS!) of micro pockets. These micro pockets work like an odor absorbing sponge which traps in any sort of scent before it can escape the bag. This, in conjunction with a water resistant, ultra durable outer protective layer keeps your house, car, and office smelling fresh.

Why do I need Odor Proof Storage Containers?

Smell is such a fascinating thing! Our brain easily adapts to smells that we consider nonthreatening which is why we get used to the smells within our home, room or car.

The problem is, when someone walks into an environmental smell that you are already used to, the foul smell can hit them pretty hard and your friends, customers, husbands, wives, kids or dogs will likely be offended by the stinky scent. STOP OFFENDING PEOPLE and get a smell proof bag today!

Why can't I just use a plastic sandwich bag with zipper?

Ordinary sandwich style bags are not designed to be smell proof. These bags are excellent for their intended use which is to temporarily store snacks or food, but instead of having mirco-pockets that absorb scents, sandwich bags have microscopic pores which allow the smell to escape over time.

Will a Scent Proof Bag or Case work in my Car?

Absolutely! Formline Products are great for travel and in the car use. If you carpool, or are a ride share driver then a Formline Supply solution is a must have! These are perfect because Cars are such a confined space and they can start to hold smells pretty quickly.

Why do I need a built in Combination Lock?

We don't cut any corners with your Scent Proof Case or Bags. We use only the finest material, and all our locking products have the combo lock built right in. If you don't have a built in combination lock you risk losing the lock and the ability to protect you family, friends, pets and loved ones from accidental ingestion.