How to Buy the Right Odor Proof Stash bag

5 Important Aspects to Consider When Shopping for a Smell Proof Bag


The Odor Proof Technology

There are a number of ways that a container locks in smells. While some containers rely on airtight seals, there is no better method as effective as activated carbon lining. Activated charcoal is the technology used to absorb the smell within your bag. Formline uses the highest quality lining and each bag now includes our patent pending design which provides twice the amount of smell proof lining. Click to learn more about how this odor proof technology works


The outside of your smell proof bag needs to durable to resist day to day wear and tear. Typically bag blends use what is called Denier or D for short which is a measurement unit for thickness of fabric.

A Formline Bag will always be made of at least  600D as these are the fabrics typically found in the highest quality backpacks as it is more expensive to produce. Our cases are made with a 1080D blend and also include a lightweight padding to protect your delicate products

Try not to settle for a 300D blend offered by many of the low cost brands which is 1/2 the thickness of 600D and has the look and feel of a giveaway product typically used in promotional giveaway products seen at various events like baseball games, tradeshows, and credit card freebies.

Efficient and Effective Design

When storing your accessories you want misc pockets to store each and everything you use. 
Our bags were the first to start incorporating pockets to fit your pens, papers, grinders and more.

There are cases like ours available however when you start cutting corners on things like zipper placement, compartment placement etc you run the risk of your bag not sealing shut correctly and potentially reducing the effectiveness of your product.


Social Proof

Here at Formline we came from strong technical backgrounds and have caught a number of competitors leaving fake reviews on other companies. This sort of action is very unethical. 

Social proof is very important when making any sort of purchase regardless of the product. You can see thousands of verified reviews on Amazon or have a look at our instagram to see real users of our products.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are shopping a generic alternative on Amazon if your zipper breaks, bag rips, there is nobody As a USA based company we are available at any time to help you if you have any questions.


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