Formline Supply is a Family run business established in Los Angeles California in 2017. We offer the Best Smell Proof Bags, Cases with Locks, Backpacks and Odor Proof Pouches of all sizes with a simple and elegant design. Our customer relationship is very important to us. We believe in providing a seamless, personalized consumer journey. We provide innovative solutions and exemplary customer support, every step of the way! Feel free to shop with confidence as we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on ALL products. Join over 100,000 Trusted Customers and find out why we have had a 5 Star Feedback rating for the past two years and counting.

Mike - Founder and Owner of Formline Supply


take on Smell Proof Storage

In a Sea of ugly designs, cheesy logos and cringe worthy brand names, Formline was created to offer you the best in both fashion and function to resolve a very common problem.
Our products have been seen in GQ - UK and Leafly,  recognized  by industrial design professionals, and sold alongside some of the biggest names in streetwear and action sports.

We believe that everyone needs high quality accessories for their storage needs which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our products. There isn't another company out there going to the levels we are to support our products. Each product is designed and field tested a minimum of 3 months before production. We also have specialists that inspect the quality of each manufactured item and we offer direct support to our customers through our site, E-Mail and Phone. Formline is being rolled out into retail stores across the country. If you are interested in carrying one of the most in demand new products for your store, please check out our Wholesale Page.

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5 Star Customer Service Ratings



2x The Odor Proof Protection

This is an example of our 12x9 inch Smell Proof Bag compared to similar products. Notice that with our EXCLUSIVE design, we have 2x the Odor Proof protective technology vs any bag of similar size. 

The most smell proof tech per square inch


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Smell Proof Bags

Smell Proof Bags


Designed for at home or on the go. We have bags of all shapes and sizes available for sale. There is no better option than a no smell bag designed by Formline Supply.

Smell Proof Cases

Smell Proof Cases


Smell Proof Cases offer padding and lock protection for your most important contents. Available in Large and Extra Large Sizes.

Smell Proof Containers

Smell Proof Containers


From Glass Ultraviolet Airtight Containers to Unbreakable Aluminum Doob Tubes, we have the perfect storage solution for any of your needs.

Smell Proof Backpacks

Smell Proof Backpacks


Travel Laptop Bags with Smell Proof Front Pouches. Perfect for everyday use.