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The Best Smell Proof Bag Design Available on the Market. Formline Smell Proof Bags Contain 2x more Scent Proof Technology than any other bag of it's kind.

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Keep your Accessories Safe and Secure with a Formline Smell Proof Case with Combination Lock. Each Case has a Lock Built Right in Along with Padded Exterior Walls to keep your Glass and other contents protected. The perfect high end stash box.

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The highest quality Ultraviolet Glass Smell Proof Jars and Containers. Black Herb Jars are Great for Long Term Storage and for Travel.

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Unbreakable Aluminum Doob Tubes and Pocket Sized Stash containers made for on the go.

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If you are looking to protect your prized glass pieces, then look no further than the indestructible airtight cases. Each of these odor proof and waterproof containers contains a pick and pluck foam interior allowing you to customize the fit of whatever accessories you wish to store within.

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A high quality Formline Supply aluminum grinder with curved diamond shaped teeth will cut through your herbs and spices in the most efficient way. Available in 2.5 inch or 2 inch, 4 piece or 2.

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Traditionally used by jewelers, collectors and hobbyists to admire the smallest of products, these LED Illuminated Jewelers Loupes work great to inspect plant trichomes, or to look for molds and pests in your garden.

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High Quality Prints and Fabric. Printed in the USA.

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Why FORMLINE Is Your Best Choice For Smell Proof Containers

Designed in Southern California. Used Around the World.

Formline Supply was established in 2017 and has taken the storage industry by storm. In just a handful of years we have gained the trust of over 85,000 + Customers and offer the widest array of smell proof storage solutions perfect for travel, home or long term storage.

All our stink free fabric bags, scent proof backpacks and odor proof soft cases come with premium activated carbon lining which absorbs all odors like a sponge which is a much more effective solution than trying to mask the contents within. No smell escapes!

Our 3.5 Mylar Baggies are the highest quality materials which include a reliable reusable zipper with the option to be sealed by an impulse sealer.

Keep Products Secure with Built in Combination Locks

We understand it is a huge inconvenience to have a separate lock to secure your goods, which is why our Formline Secure Series smell proof cases and Odorless bag with lock have a combination lock built right in.

A lot of companies try to match our cutting edge technology that eliminate smell and industry leading design but fall short at every turn. They may take our copy, borrow our designs, leave us fake reviews [we see you ;)] and even use our photography style, but there is only one FORMLINE.

FORMLINE is the most established brand in our category and we hands down have the best smell proof bags and have the highest rated verified reviews on Amazon. We offer unparalleled customer service and stand by all our products with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Stay Fresh Even Longer with Ultraviolet Light Blocking Stash Jars

Stay Fresh Even Longer with Ultraviolet Light Blocking Stash Jars

Block out bad UV rays and lock in all smell and freshness with our heavy duty stash jars. Each smell proof container comes with a shock resistant glass storage case which keeps your herb jar secure in any situation. This makes our jars a great option for both long term storage at home and a discreet herb travel container which is perfect for on the go.

50 ML Jar 2 Pack - Custom fit case fits both 50 ml herb jars along with room to fit your favorite vaporizer pen. Fits a wide array of brands such as Pax, DaVinci, Grenco G-Pen and more.

100 ML jar- The perfect size for home or on the road. Custom fit case protects the jar perfectly from any sort of drop damage

250 ML jar - If you need more space this is a great option. Also include Carabiner to hook to your Backpack, Purse, Handbag or Shoulder Bag.

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Smell Proof Bag Lifestyle Images

What Are Smell Proof Bags?

SmellProof bags are a specially designed product built to be the most effective solution for locking in the smelly odors of the contents within. They are also excellent choices for preserving the freshness of the products stored within them as well. The best storage sacks typically come in two styles, a fabric or cloth bag with activated carbon lining material built in, or a mylar based solution, capable of heat sealing and long term storage. These sorts of storage options come in many shapes and sizes, and here at we have a wide array of solutions that are suited for all kinds of scenarios.

Formline products are designed to be a more suited alternative to traditional options such as plastic dime bags, a wooden stash box, a Mason jar, a tin closure or a hemp pipe or vape case. With options in all shapes and sizes, we provide you with one of the must have accessories or gifts for any occasion.

What is a smell proof bag made of?

Does a Formline Bag Work?

Within a scent proof bag, the odor of the contents cannot be detected. It is often misunderstood that a human or dog can smell through and detect the contents within a smell-proof bag. When people say that they can smell the contents of a specially designed odor proof container, they are typically smelling the contamination on the outside of the device, or there is an improper seal or closure on the said device.

How Does it Work?

If you are using a Formline Supply Odor-Proof Pouch, then your bag contains a 5 layer system to lock in the scents of your contents. At the heart of these layers is a ultra high quality layer of activated carbon fiber which contains millions of micro pockets. These pockets act like a sponge for any sort of stinky gas produced by your bags contents and traps them before they can be detected outside of the bag.

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Are Ziplock Bags Smell Proof?

Do Ziplock Bags Hold In Smells?

Ordinary sandwich style bags like ziplock or glad are not designed to be smell proof. These bags are excellent for their intended use which is to temporarily store snacks or food, but instead of having mirco pockets that absorb skunk like scents that a Formline smellproof bag, plastic bags have microscopic pores which can allow the smell to escape over time. These types of products only reduce smells rather than eliminate them.

Think of a plastic bag as chain link fence, you can keep larger things within, but you can push things smaller than the chain link outside the fence through the links. In this case, the gas is smaller than the barrier that the bag creates which is why when you give smelly contents enough time, the gas contents from within the bag will begin to seep through the microscopic pores and the smell will permeate about the room.