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Smell Proof Cases - Shop Odor Proof Bags with Combination Locks - Formline Supply

The Stash Box Reinvented! 

Formline Supply offers the best smell proof and odor proof case options on the market. We have small and large soft cases with built in combo locks to protect you pets, kids and loved ones from accidental ingestion. Each is designed to fit all your accessories perfectly. All soft cases contain the same premium grade activated carbon lining as our smell proof bags so if maximum scent suppression is your goal, a Formline Case makes perfect sense.

Airtight Waterproof Glass Protection

If you are looking to protect your prized glass pieces, then look no further than the indestructible airtight cases. Each of these odor proof containers contains a pick and pluck foam interior allowing you to customize the fit of whatever accessories you wish to store within. 

 It's time to put away the old stash box and make a major upgrade to a Formline Storage Option.

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