How to set a new combination lock code on a smell proof case or bag

Instructions to set a new luggage lock combination

Setting the combination on your Odor Proof Case or Smell Proof Bag is easy. Just follow the steps on the attached image and you are ready for your storage to be safe, discreet and secure.



Warning: Follow the Directions Below. Forcing the reset button will cause the lock to fail.

1. Release Zippers + Place Dials at 0-0-0

2. Press the reset button (a) using a thin object such as a paperclip until you hear a click sound. (Pic. 1)

3. Turn the dials to your desired combination. (8-8-8 is used as an example in Pic. 2)

4. Push the main button (c) in the direction of the arrow as per Pic. 2

5. You should hear a click sound and the reset button will return to the original position. Remember your new code!

New Code ___   ___   ___

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Did you forget your combination for your smell proof bag?

If you have forgotten your combination for your Formline smellproof bag, please send a message to and we can send you instructions on how to open your bag. 

Troubleshooting a Lock that will not accept the your code?

When you press the large button to set your code in step 5, if you do not press hard enough, the reset button may not return to it's original position. When this happens, take the blunt end of a screwdriver or other tool and tap near the reset button. In most instances this will pop it up and you will now be able to use the lock again.

 Odor Proof Duffle Bag with Lock

Special Offer for Combination Locks that No Longer Work

Here at Formline, any issue with your secure lock is covered under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply text or email us and we will get you a replacement immediately. 

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