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Indestructible Smell Proof Doob Tube / Pre Roll Vial - Aluminum Container - 4.5 Inches x .6 Inches


  • The perfect pocket sized J holder case and smell proof container. Lock in smell and freshness.
  • A lightweight air tight, waterproof, solution to your top shelf storage needs.
  • Made from high grade aluminum.
  • Measures 4.5 Inches x .6 Inches

THE TOP SHELF OF SMELL PROOF CONTAINERS - Lightweight, Durable Container makes a great alternative to a heavy jar or bulky bag. Fits perfectly in your pocket and locks in all smells.

EASY TO USE - Simply unscrew the top, place your contents inside and screw the top back on for scent free protection

 A FINE BALANCE BETWEEN STORAGE AND PORTABILITY - The optimal balance of storage and portability. Enjoy privacy at home, work or in your car. Perfect for Travel!

SCENT SUPPRESSION THAT ACTUALLY WORKS FROM A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST - Formline is the most established brand in the smell proof category. With over 45,000 smell proof bags, cases, backpacks and jars sold, we are your odor proof storage experts.