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Formline Smell Proof Case and Starter Bundle

$100.00 $120.95

The Formline Starter Bundle includes each of the following products. All products were selected to fit perfectly in your Smell Proof Case.

Smell Proof Case 8x6x3

Keep your contents safe and undetected. Includes built in combination lock to protect your products.

Herb Grinder

2.5 inch 4 piece Herb Grinder fits perfectly in your smell proof case. Sharp teeth designed for the perfect grind and built to last forever. 


2 Pack of 100 ML Jars

Keep your contents fresh by placing them in a 100 ML UV Glass Jar designed to keep harmful rays out and keep your contents fresh

25 Pack of Heat Mylar Bags

By placing any loose product within these bags, you will be keeping your 8x6x3 odor proof case clean and even more effective at absorbing smells. These have a reusable zipper and can be heat sealed for long term storage.

Indestructible Aluminum Doob Tube

Perfect for on the go. Fits in your pocket when you are out and about.