Formline Smell Proof Jar (1/2 OZ - 250 ml) - Protective Airtight Container. Includes Case with Combination Lock.

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Top Shelf Storage for Top Shelf Products - The FORMLINE Glass Container Difference

A Truly Unique Product and User Experience

We continually exceed customer expectations by going above and beyond the competition offerings. Formline Glass jars stand out in comparison to all the brands selling the same exact jar.

A Formline Jar Keeps Contents Fresh Longer

A Formline Jar will block out the damaging light rays from the contents within. Our jars appear black, but when held up to a light source you will see a true infused violet color. Do not settle for just a clear jar painted black.

More effective airtight seal

At the top of each jar rests an O-ring sized to the jar which allows for a more secure airtight seal between the jar and its top.

Custom Fit Protective Case with Built in Combo Lock

The 250 ML Glass Jar comes with a custom protective case designed to fit your new odor proof container perfectly. This case ensures that your glass is fully protected on both the shipment to you on your initial purchase and for when you are using your jar at home, in the office or on the road.

Humidity Pack for Ultimate Freshness

While some companies just toss in a small humidity pack without much thought, Formline has the experience in the industry and a complete understanding of our customer base. Your Formline Jar will contain the manufacturer recommended size humidity pack for the size of jar you purchased. In addition, each humidity pack comes with an indicator card which will let you know when it needs to be replaced.

Smart Barcode and App

Never forget what's inside your jar again! Using the included QR sticker and app, you can easily keep track of the contents within your jar. Add pictures, create lists, stamp date and times and so much more.

2x The Smell Proof Technology

Odor proof storage solutions from Formline are the best solutions for all your storage needs. We provide innovative designs and the highest quality on the market. Click the link below to learn more about what top shelf product will work best for you.

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