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Formline Supply is a Family run business established in Los Angeles California in 2017 to offer a fresher take on storage solutions.

We offer Smell Proof Cases with Locks, Backpacks and Odor Proof Pouches of all sizes with a simple and elegant design.

Our customer relationship is very important to us. We believe in providing a seamless, personalized consumer journey. We provide innovative solutions and exemplary customer support, every step of the way!

Feel free to shop with confidence as we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on ALL products.

Join over 45,000 Trusted Customers and find out why we have had a 5 Star Feedback rating for the past two years and counting.

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We would love for you to order from our website, but if you prefer to shop on Amazon.com, you can have a look at our Smell Proof Bags on our Amazon Storefront

Lock in Smelly Odors all over the world!

Formline Scent Proof Bags are now available worldwide. Have a look at our Canada and UK Stores!

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